Get Exclusive (non-shared) Solar Leads that are Qualified!

Get Exclusive, Qualified Leads to Power Your Growth!

With Exclusive Solar Leads your sales team is equipped with the maximum level of opportunity. Spark Factory™ can help you with a consistent, reliable, and scalable revenue generation of Qualified Exclusive Solar Leads.

We qualify by:

  • Income
  • Location
  • Homeowner
  • Street address
  • Zip code

No More Wasting Time on Home Advisor!

These are Exclusive Leads (NOT SHARED) for your Business!

Spark Factory - Scalable Solutions for Google, Bing Social Media and Amazon
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Once you have chosen your package, you will receive our On-boarding instructions via email within 15 minutes.

All you need to do is complete our questionnaire and a representative will call you to confirm your details.


Account Setup

After that, we will enter the Account Creation Phase to build your campaigns. Your team will then be trained before anything goes live.

Setup takes 5-7 days.

Spark Factory - Scalable solutions for Google, Bing, Social Media and Amazon



Reporting is done through our Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) where your team can log in from mobile or desktop to see how many deals you have in the pipeline as well as communicate directly with clients through a dedicated phone number via Text, Email & Phone. Our system is so robust and customizable that we follow up and nurture the leads for you.

Never buy a shared lead again

Here's Your Sample Dashboard

Your Busines Dashbaord


We are limiting areas. Please check with us to see if your area is available.

Money-Back Guarantee!

  • Each of our packages is guaranteed.
  • We guarantee that we will generate qualified exclusive leads.
  • If we don’t hit our guarantee, we will give you a full refund and $200 extra for wasting your time. No questions asked.
Refer and earn

TRIAL ONLY - 5 Exclusive & Qualified Leads $749
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CRM w/ Mobile App
Landing Page
Pre-Qualifying Forms
Automated Follow Up via Text, Phone, Email
Proven Ad Copy
Precise Targeting by Zip Codes
Custom Local Phone #
Dedicated Account Rep
Revenue & Communications Dashboard
Spark Fuel - 75 Exclusive & Qualified Leads $9750
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Everything from Spark Growth
Automated Review Follow Up
$91.66 each for Exclusive!

Pick a plan, you will get on-boarding instructions in 5 minutes. Following we need a recorded voicemail, an email address, and phone # to forward calls to. We will spin up your lead generating machine within 48 hours.